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4 Ideas to Design Billboards for OOH Advertising

  • The billboards must have minimum words that can effectively captivate the customers and for the same you may have to go for concise and catchy messages that depict the effectiveness of the product.
  • The choice of good colors is important to may creative. Colors tend to influence various emotions and it is associated with our subconscious to various things and features. Billboard colors should always be catchy to grab customer’s attention. If you are not sure which color palette you should use for your brand to make the best of the advertising and/or marketing strategies, then hire one of the top advertising agencies in Singapore.
  • Have a look at the busy traffic roads where you can see 3d installations instead of the flat hoarding boards everywhere. Nowadays OOH advertising have seen its own advancements.
  • Determine what feelings and emotions you want to evoke in people’s experience when they look at your billboards. Also determine what things you want to associate with your brand. Many companies are now focusing more on creating a personality by the means of storytelling which helps in evoking an emotional reaction from the viewers.

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